Materials for playing cards production

Premium and specialized (card)

Cardboard with special coating Linen Finish

(a special variant of surface embossing) due to the “honeycomb” formed during the embossing process creates a microscopic air cushion, which allows the cards together with a special card varnish to glide perfectly.

It is especially appreciated by specialists in card decks, who are keen on cardistry and tricks. The used density of 300 and 310 gsm, has an internal carbon (graphite) layer. The print is mainly offset. Offset prints from 500 wells.

100% professional PVC card plastic with a thickness of 0.30 – 0.32 mm. (300 ┬Ám). Has, as a rule, a rough surface back side (“shirt”) and smooth from the front. (thus ensuring a high degree of sliding off the deck).

It is most often used for production of premium souvenir and gift cards, and also for production of a poker deck (respectively, for playing poker). The method of printing, most often offset. Circulation, in this case, from 500 decks.