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Deception in poker. Sword cards

Poker is not a team game, but sometimes players join forces to win more chips or achieve a common victory. Conspiracy is currently the easiest and therefore the most dangerous way to cheat. It is almost impossible to catch players in collusion, and even harder to prove. Collusion requires minimal skills and minimal training, but is a great danger for honest players at the poker table.

Collusion means that a certain number of players (usually two) play together at a table in silence. By working together, these players can do the following:

Handover of Chips: Intentionally losing in order to hand the chips to a partner (in the end the winning pot is split in half).

Playing Cards Exchange: Exchange or showcase your cards. Two players sitting next to each other look at their cards so that their partner can also see them. By distracting the other players, they can exchange the cards they need for a stronger combination.

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Be vigilant! Do not ignore the problem of marked cards, as you will not get the full pleasure from playing with a tainted deck. Moreover, you can lose significant amounts of money just because of a small spot on the shirt of one card. Check the cards before each game. Open a new deck in front of all players and demand the same from others, this will assure everyone that the deck has not yet been used and marked.

Depending on the professionalism and skill of the cheater cheater, playing cards can be marked so that it will only be visible when carefully examining the cards (by light or touch). Cards used during a game can be marked before the tournament, at home or at the poker club, or during the game itself, regardless of the setting.

Thus, a mark on playing cards can be made in one of ways:

Mechanical faults

To mark playing cards, without applying additional devices, it is possible simply by a nail. For example, to create a small chip on the edge of a card, to make a shallow furrow or to wipe off a shirt pattern. Usually such defects are created involuntarily and gradually accumulate with time of use of the deck. Plastic-coated playing cards are most susceptible to mechanical marking. Easy to apply during the game, easy to read by other players.

Design Features

Attentive players pay attention to the features of the card shirt graphics. If a shirt of playing cards is executed without fields (from rhombuses which are intertwined among themselves) then there is a probability that on different cards the drawing will be displaced aside. Some unfair and unknown manufacturers release cards with different pattern. At a glance, such cards do not differ from each other, although they are taken from the same deck, but on closer inspection the difference is obvious.

Modification of design

More advanced cheaters use a complex drawing of a shirt of playing cards, adding small elements to the pattern. Such a krap is unlikely to be noticed by other players during the tournament, and it can be discovered only after careful consideration. The best way of marking playing cards does not exist. It is possible to find out differences in design by fast flipping a deck (cartoon effect). Requires preparation before the game.

Normal paint

Labeling cards with a marker, pencil or pen is a very simple way. Usually a small dot or a fine touch is made at a certain point on the card shirt. It is difficult to use during a game, except when the cards are dirty from spilled drinks or simply from dirty hands. Such cards should be replaced immediately.

Special paint

This method involves the presence of special ink, in the form of a small cushion and special glasses. At a convenient time, the fraudster imperceptibly marks the card he needs with ink. Special ink, will be invisible to the naked eye, but perfectly visible through the special glasses. Easy application of markings during the game.

Painted Cards

For this kind of crane, you need a special tool or just a needle. For a greater effect (less noticeable nettle) a recess is made in the drawing place, or better on the line. It is easily revealed, as well as the dealer at shuffling of a deck, and other players, and it is justified by imperfection of a material of playing cards. Be sure that you will not find such cards at any professional manufacturer. It is not easy to make a puncture during the game.

Application of several methods on one card at the same time is very rare, because it increases the probability of detection of a puncture. On the other hand (also rarely) there may be cards with different markings in one deck. For example, aces are punctured and two are marked with a weakly visible scratch. Most likely, only one card will be marked, and the cheat is sure to wait until it is on the table.

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When playing in gambling establishments, pay attention to the playing cards used at your poker table. Perhaps the club is simply saving on new cards and the tags have been formed naturally (or with the help of players or dealers), the regular players have already drawn certain conclusions for themselves and are using this to achieve more meaningful results. Don’t be shy, it’s good practice to ask for a replacement deck if you think the cards are spotted.

Nowadays, the dotted cards are available to anyone who wants to achieve results in a dishonest way. On sale can be found as a finished deck, as well as special equipment for processing cards (punches, ink). Most often, sold decks or individual cards (senior cards) are made from cards of well-known brands COPAG, Modiano, Fournier, etc., it remains only to replace the card you need. If the cards are individually designed, the krap will be made during the game. Less frequently sold cards of unknown brands, or just cards for magicians.

Color brand cards

Paying close attention to the playing cards used, do not forget that you can be deceived by another fraudulent way: collusion, adding chips from your pocket or simple dexterity.